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A bit of Background...

Transcribing Services are part of the a large specialist research organisation called the Adkins Research Group. The Adkins Research Group have beem trading for decades and specialise in the medical market research sector. Over the years we have tried numerous outsourced transcribing providers, some are better than others but we decided to set up our own.

Our reasoning was quite simple, we wanted to keep as much of the research process in house as possible, if the audio was not clear enough, we have the tools in house to enhance audio levels. If we had a Zoom Video which needed transcribing, we have the tools to convert it into an audio file, all of these lowers lead times and allows us to get results out quicker

We have been transcribing for many years, for thousands of projects and have strong technical expertise along with a patient and dedicated team we understand the need for quality transcriptions.  That is why we set up transcribing services.

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