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Our Prices

Please find below a table of our current rates and prices, if you are unsure about the prices/rates then please get in touch with us.

Transcription Type Cost per Audio Minute (Standard Turnaround)* Cost per Audio Minute (Rapid Turnaround)**


Mini Group (3/4)

Group (5/6)

Group (6-10)









*Standard Turnaround is up to five working days

**Rapid Turnaround is up to 48 hours

These prices are for our specialty, intelligent verbatim research transcriptions, we also offer a wide range of other solutions such as:

  • Police Station Interviews
  • Copy Typing
  • True Verbatim Transcriptions
  • Content Analysis
Please get in touch to discuss your exact requirements

We are often asked what is the difference between an Intelligent Verbatim Transcript and a True Verbatim Transcript.

The main difference is that with a true verbatim transcript we add all the "Errs" and "Ahhs" as we as the coughs, stutters or even sneezes [respondent sneezed] for example.

This additional level of detail can be useful in analysing research interviews.