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Brief Introduction

Our specialist Content Analysis team has six experienced analysts based at our Head Office in Sutton Coldfield.

All tapes are transcribed before input to the Content Analysis templates enabling us to extract and identify valuable quotes. All templates are delivered by the due date(s) and are adaptable to work on Word, Excel and Power-Point.

Benefits of Conent Analysis

Content analysis offers several advantages to agencies who consider using it. In particular, content analysis:

  • Looks directly at communication via texts or transcripts
  • Allows for both quantitative and qualitative operations
  • Provides valuable historical/cultural insights over time through analysis of texts
  • Allows a closeness to text which can alternate between specific categories and relationships
  • Is an unobtrusive means of analysing interactions
  • Provides insight into complex models of human thought and language use
  • When done well, is considered as a relatively "exact" research method