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Being Precise

  • In order to ensure the highest levels of accuracy, we start by spending time with the audio/video file that we have been sent. We will do everything we can to enhance the levels of audio to ensure that the best mid range levels are heard to ensure a more accurate transcript. It may take some time but will save time during the transcription process.
  • We have software that can tweak audio levels ad infinitum, slow down speech, repeat so we can be as accurate as possible
  • We will always try and match the transcriber to the best available person for that subject matter, we have a vast range of experienced transcribers who are fully experienced in the medical, legal, financial and business fields
  • Once the transcript is complete, a proof reader will check the content of the transcript against the original audio, so as to ensure that it is absolutely correct*.

  • *subject to which level of service is required.